Some Qpi3p short Poetry for conclusion

Little Life

“Mirror, mirror on the sky, whose life is the beauties, ay?”
“Yours, since is the one you have.” answers the sky.

It’s timed

As it is for cherries only spring the time to blossom,
so, it is for us, nothing but timed, when we can do what or not…
Time is not for aging, time is for orientation.
Your time is your map.
Understand it wrong and you will die, or understand it and you can fly…


Sad, angry Narcissist,
most dangerous of all,
yet only poor, lonely soul,
regardless to all his efforts to self-adore,
he could never learn what feels
to love one’s own soul.


Riders on the storm,
take them now,
all the people who are wrong…
Let the rain take this too much pain…
Let the rain clean the Spirit of this World’s insane!

Poem of Freedom

The Universe always tends to balance.
Being selfless will make you selfish.
Being selfish will make you lose it all.
You need to give that you can get.
Yet, you need to take that you have.
Too much will make you poor.
Too less will bring you more.
So, take and give, smile and cry…yet, on the end, just understand.

Out of matrix

First thing in the morning I take care of my head, my breakfast is the pill red.
For the lunch I take the fight and for the dinner, if lucky, I ingest something right.
So that overnight, I have some gas in my ass, to struggle next…for the light.
But it’s all right, because for my freedom is always worthy to fight!


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