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Humor, the best remedy of all…

Don’t be afraid, have courage to live your life free!

Your feeling will show you the way.

Small steps, one by one, is fast enough.

Trade your energy well.

Not everybody can do everything…some were born with the winks, and some were not.

The real strength comes from within.

There is always a system which works… I have found mine.

Protect yourself with establishing clear link to your subconscious and following its voice… It will bring you understanding, knowledge with which you be always able to protect yourself.

What is unbalanced cannot function proper…the balance is the key to success.

I work with myself every moment I spend…and it is totally worth it!

The moment can change in the moment.

Grow up, release yourself from dependency of this perception and create your life in your own fashion!

I can’t allow myself to be sad…I won’t allow to feel bad! From now on I stir into my way!

Why you need to be better? Just be happier!

Begin, start right now, right here!

My religion is my freedom.

Not to think but to feel is the answer.

Stop clinging, make space for new.

Clinging on to nothing lets even better come to you.

Persist to feel good, make your work and your own mood!

How you think is how you use your energy.

What you believe is what you get.

Open your mind and see who you really are.

You can change nothing but yourself and so you will change the world around you.

Why follow the agony when one can follow the heart.

Let the pressure make diamond out of you. (From the Song Diamond by Rhemi Hanlei.)

Have no fear but confidence!

Maybe it rains outside but I dance inside!

If you don’t give, it will be taken from you. But if you give too much, you will never have something. Give and take to be balanced… Take only as much as you need and give as much as you can without harming yourself.

Instead of thinking how bad it is, invest your energy productively and think how you can make it better.

Knowledge is the power, knowing is the key…with art together, is all what you see.

Sometimes is enough just to know that next time you would do it better.

People are willing to kill for information. More you know, stronger you are.

The impossible thing would be to change the past we had experienced…the future always can be changed…so now everything is possible.

When you don’t know is the best to do nothing and wait till you have the answer.

The huge amount of energy (too much power) can be deadly if not being handled correct.

The abstract logic is the key to the world which is worthy to see.

The mastery of art is to make an abstract piece of art and logically sell it for a lot of money.

Stop thinking, start feeling!

Be humble and happy with little…but always develop and grow.

To live life fully is first to suffer, to learn and then to enjoy oneself in any moment you have!

Past is in the past. The only moment we have is now.

Always follow your feeling.

Think constructive – look for solution – find the salvation.

Eat wrong = think wrong = feel wrong. (So, don’t.)

When you feel like s**t, immerse yourself in work.

…what goes around it comes around…always remember that…

Together we are stronger!

Relax your mind and make your conscious free.

If the mission is honest, it will succeed.


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