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Are you kaput and down???



…cause, nobody can do it for you!!!


Persist on the right way and you win. Persist on the wrong way and you lose.

How to know the difference?

Who knows what is right or wrong… Everything has its positive and negative charge…

Ask your feeling. How you feel will tell you the correct path for you. Feeling good is the correct direction, regardless to all rational thoughts.

You are who you are… Unique and the only one!

Your way is the only way for you… Find it and you are blessed!

Those who search, they find…

To give up when you shall persist is a sin to one’s own soul.

If they are pressuring you, just let them do it more…sustain and you will become a diamond.

What doesn’t kill you, damages you, but also, it makes you stronger. Don’t let them kill you, persist to be stronger! Remember, persistence is the key to win!

Don’t betray your heart, persist till the end to get what you love! A bit of real love is worthy of all the pain!

From pain we learn, for joy we live!

Doing the right thing will motivate you.

I don’t have problems, I solve them.

Envy is not my style…I am not selfish.

For what I wish, I persist and that makes me happy.

Sometimes, persistence is to wait patiently when nothing else can be done.

…going through hell, I listened Churchill’s advice and kept going…

It wasn’t easy, but it was totally worthy to persist!…

Now, I am free!

Nothing is more beautiful in life than freedom!

The mind

If you can persist in your mind, you already won.

No skill is for free

Having no struggle in life deprives one of thinking. Give to people “everything”, so they don’t have to think…and you can (mis)lead them as you wish.

With awareness comes responsibility.

To know or to be aware is not the same. To know you can read, but to be aware you have to experience it!

The most valuable experiences are those which hurt… From pain we learn…

Technology won’t solve our problems. But different awareness will!

When you have “too much” in your mind, sing a song.

The problem always originates in people’s minds. Damaged perception projects the damage.

When the mind is not working, nothing is working… Body without the mind is like computer without a software. Therefore, thinking is also work. And an important one.

Use your mind!

False thinking: “Fuck, I am late…!!!”

Correct thinking: “I am on time.”

Make no sense to rush…cause…it’s timed!

About the time…

Time is such a cute thing…if you play with it, you can win a lot of time…

(Follow this and you will have all the time on the World… Understand this and the time is yours!)

Slow down to be faster

Rushing or being fast is not the same. Rushing will slow you down. Slowing down will make you faster. Endure your focus to endure the speed. Slow down the time with being aware of it…

Consciously following every particle of the moment will make your seconds into eternity… The time is in your mind… You can slow it down; you can control it… You can make your own time. The only thing you have to do is, slow down, take your time, believe you can do it and try. Focus, see the seconds are eternity, feel the moment, every part of it…and intend you time!

Be in control

As to slow down, when the scene is annoying, like on the work sometimes, you can also accelerate the time…

Using the reversed “formula” from above, you can speed it up, so time goes faster when you are on the work…and to balance it, when you come home, the evenings will feel longer…giving you an opportunity to have more time for yourself…

As everything, also time is only energy, which can be transformed, informed and shaped.

You always have enough time for what really needs to be done…

If you don’t have enough time, you are going in the wrong direction… You are walking the wrong path… You are wasting your time on your wrong perception… You are spending your time for wrong (to you destructive) people and wrong actions. Wrong for you.

Check yourself now… Do you have enough time??? Why not??? For what you are wasting it??? Who is wasting it for you???

Relationships are time. Time is energy. Your energy.

Spend your time with the wrong people and it will cost you your life! Thus, don’t pity, be never cruel but ruthless to protect oneself. Say “NO” to abusive relationships! Yet, first learn to recognize them!

What doesn’t feel right ain’t right for you! – Follow this simple logic and you will recognize the predators and what is damaging to you. Without doubt have guts to say “NO” if you feel so! It’s your right!

You must set the limits to destructive environment to protect yourself and your time – your energy!

Wrong people, wrong suggestions, wrong perception will eat you and your time! Don’t allow it! Be aware of what is constructive or not for you – follow your feeling to know the truth!


To protect yourself, learn the people.

Wise man knows when to be honest and when to be clever.

Always be honest with your friend, but don’t tell everything to your enemy.

Learn your enemies, be fair, but never really honest with them. They will use your honesty against you.

It is not about nationalities. Everywhere are “healthy” and “unhealthy” people.

Healthy relationship is without bias, build on honesty and trust.

Among all those billions of people it is impossible to not find the one who matches you! Persist in searching without expecting and you will find your soul mate!

To find the one who fits you, all you have to do is: BE HONEST!

Less emotions is safer. No emotions is dull. The balance is the key.

Real passion and real good sex come out of honesty and long-term trustworthy relationship. Those who think that one night fuck is better than real love, they don’t know what real love is.

If you made shit, still, overcome your fears and try to be honest… You will be surprised what gifts honesty can bring!

Some decide to lie and some decide to live.

Favor yourself but hurt no one.

Never hurt others unless is for protection.

If your friend feels offended, because you merely take care of yourself, then this is not your friend.

Not favors, but the truth makes friends!

Somebody has to be a black sheep. I am a proud black sheep!

Nothing is wrong with being different. Yet, it is wrong not allowing the difference.

.…they are as they are…and I am as I am… Just LIVE and LET LIVE!

So what if we are different. Everybody must pay their bills.

It doesn’t cost much to be nice, but it can be expensive not to be nice.

Yet, there are cases where one shall not be nice at all…

Because some are taking too much, others don’t have.

Be fair to people and yourself – take only so much as you need! Because more you don’t need! Having too much is a heavy burden to carry!

Revenge and you will be revenged.

(Don’t waste your precious time and energy on revenging. Find your peace in the joy for life.)

War is for pussies! Strong people don’t fight, they talk, find common word, and execute win-win for all the parties. Strong people are clever people. Clever people don’t cause conflicts but find the solutions. There is always a solution, if one is willing to find it.

War is always a lose! We shall respect our differences, stop being selfish and see that we need each other… Together we are stronger! One plus one is three! And if all of us take only as much as we need, all of us will have always enough of everything!

To stop the wars, WE shall stop fighting. WE shall be clever and not stupid. WE shall say “no” to the conflicts! And “yes” to understanding!

If no one of us wants to shoot, then nobody of us can be shot. Only WE can protect ourselves!!!

Yet, tell this to the evil and the evil will laugh to your face. Thus, WE must know the evil, differentiate it from non-evil, and in this case, simply kill it! Because the evil will always be evil and there is nobody who could change that. Evil is not us! Evil is our predator, turning us against each other. It is only correct to protect our life and kill the evil!

In wars, we don’t fight people, we fight the evil.

What is evil?

Evil is lazy, selfish, tricky disease, never satisfied, doing everything for itself and itself only. It lures with lust and pleasure of pain… At first it gives everything one desires, but then, it takes even more… On the end stays nothing but evil with the empty hole.

Taking short cuts to suppressing the pain, will make you unsuccessful and losing your brain.

Against the evil, just fight forward! Just work for your right forward! Don’t let yourself be blinded by its lies! See further and just go your way, straight away, forward! Little Red Riding Hood wouldn’t be eaten by the wolf if she would go straight on her path forward!

Being evil to others only indicates a person’s laziness and weakness, no willingness to work on oneself, no joy, no love, but only emptiness and boredom. Evil is like a parasite. Eating the host, not being aware, that it will eat also itself… And on the end stays no good nor bad, but only nothingness.

To kill the evil, don’t believe it!

To kill the evil, recognize it, don’t fall for it and simply don’t believe it.

To bury the evil, know and be aware that no evil shit brings any real satisfaction, but only costs a lot.

To forget the evil, stop being stupid and simply enjoy your life!

To kill the dark, turn on the light!

Kill the bad mood with the good one!

Stay alive!

Do you think you have a “shitty” life? Then change it!

Accept what You cannot change and change what You cannot accept…and…have the guts to do so!

Do you think your life is worth nothing? If yes, then you are wrong!

Your life is worth A LOT, because it’s a life!

Were you abused?

Don’t worry, you ain’t the only one.

Life goes on and you have to live it!

…”blue” as I can be, I am really sad…but I can’t be sad anymore…I have my life to live!

One can always find happiness if one wants to.

Nothing and everything is equal… That’s the beauty of life!

Every life is in one or another way difficult, because no life is for free. Life is a gift, but every gift costs. We pay for our life with however working for it. We all have our work to do, our roles to fulfill, our crisis to face…

When the life faces us with difficulties, we have two choices. We can give up, feel pity for ourselves and rot in some corner to death… Or, we can be ruthless to ourselves, pick us up and fight with everything we have to find the solutions, to feel better and have “better today”!

Sadness is for surviving; happiness is for living!

(One is sad when going through hell, but one is happy when out of the hell.)

When you are in crisis…think about the death…but never ever think about suicide!

You don’t know what joy you can receive if you stay alive. Better wait, you still have time to die later.

Life is the greatest gift! One must respect it!

To make suicide is the greatest sin! Because, until you are alive, you have a chance…

Until you live, you can change!

If you worry, you can’t live your life.

So, STOP worrying! …there are no solutions in worry!

Stop being sad! Sadness is for pussies! Life is beautiful and you must live it!!! Therefore, you have it! Now, get yourself together! And go search for the beauty!

Sing out the pain, literally! It helps. And then, go forward.

Some for the business…

First of all, if you are not motivated for work, change your work! Find the job which motivates you!

Wrong work kills the motivation.

Work which is good for you will energize you.

Quality sells by itself.

Know thy competitor and know thyself, so thy chance is keen to gain!

Abstract ones…

“Don’t call the Devil!”

“I’m not! It comes by itself!”

How to get rid of the Devil?

  • Fear nothing and feel good!
  • Know the Devil ain’t real, until you make it, because you fear.

Fear is a balloon full of nothingness… Something on outside, yet empty on inside…

Only because you fear, you make it real.

Be stronger! And don’t accept the petty fear!

After all that learning, I have learned so much that I know, I know nothing.

But that’s good! My life is never boring, because there is always something to learn!

We can always learn from our mistakes… But do we?!?

To find YOUR way, follow YOUR feeling!

Emotions are many, feeling is only one. Feels pleasant or not.

Sometimes you cannot feel… in this case, you shall follow what you know and see how it feels.

Intuition is stronger than knowledge! Yet, the knowledge supports the intuition!

Using both, relying on intuition, is harvesting best results.

God knows. Intuition is from the God.

(Not necessary the God as in religious way, but a “God” as a higher force.)

It is naïve to think that we are alone in whole this “endless” Universe…

Good mood is lethal for unsuccess.

Doing the correct thing will put you in a good mood and the good mood will make you doing the correct thing.

Follow your feeling to know what to do.

…I looked myself in the mirror… And I decided: “I’m OK!”

My mind is different, but my heart is clean.

Better to be crazy than fucked up!

The blue pill makes one blue. The red one is to see the truth…

You are only “blue” if you take the blue pill. To cheer up yourself take the red one.

The truth doesn’t hurt. Truth is only true. However, as difficult as it seems…it won’t hurt you.

What will hurt you are lies…lies are a hell.

But if you come out of the hell, you will see, everything did happen for the reason, and it is true that life is beautiful!

Life is beautiful, but you must do something for it – you must persist to come out of the hell!

Don’t lose the momentum…JUMP NOW!


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