Few Qpi3p Sayings (quotes) for introduction…

What grows fast, dies fast. Grow slow and never die…

How you are going to achieve impossible if you don’t do impossible?!?

Unless you don’t try, you cannot know.

If you want to see behind the scenes, first what you have to do is: Don’t think rational!

Think wrong and everything goes wrong.

It’s all in your mind… So, better “think” how and what you think.

It is only correct to be sceptic. But you can trust your feeling.

When you think you need to rest, what you must do is – press more gas! (Figuratively, not literally.)

Conflict has two sides – a problem and a solution.

Save your time – don’t stress!

Truth is in abstract.

Without paradox we wouldn’t be.

…the essence is in the balance!

Always use common sense.

Be rational but don’t think rational.

Accepting suggestions will dilute you. Regardless to right and wrong, correct is to make your own decisions!

Every moment when I don’t walk my way I waste my life. Every moment, when I don’t live my life my way, I waste myself. Thus, MY way it is!

One is or one is not, original. There is nothing in between.

If you go with the flow, the river will protect you…

To overcome problems don’t climb over them. (But deal with them.)

Nobody promised us that life will be easy.

Life can be a “bitch” or a “beach”. That’s up to you.

For every problem there is a solution, one only needs to find it.

Posing correct questions brings the correct answers.

To survive one needs intuition. But to understand the intuition one needs knowledge.

It is good to know. When you know, nobody can move you.

The best weapon is knowledge and no fear!

Complaining isn’t healthy.

Give always your one hundred percent, so you have nothing to regret.

Give always your best but let never yourself be abused!

Life is a game…but not to gamble, but to play…

In your life, you may not, but you can, do whatsoever you want…cause, in the end, the God always sends a bill…

Evil intention bears rotten fruits.

Greed, laziness and envy are the main sources for creating problems.

Evil is not bad nor good…evil is evil…and it is unhealthy!

Why are some people so evil?

Because nobody has really loved them. Because they cannot love themselves.

Love thyself so that the World can love thee!

Without children we wouldn’t have the World, but with too many children we won’t have the World.

If you are still on this World…then you must have gone through hell… or not yet?

If would be easy, it would be boring.

Sometimes the only thing you have to do is to persist just little bit longer…

How can I be stronger?

Know thyself. Know thy enemy and thy friend. And most importantly, know the physics

You only need Yourself. Everything extra is luxury.

Problems are only lessons. Learn and you have no problems.

You wasted nothing if you have learned.

It makes no sense to hurry… What is meant, it will be…and what is not meant, it cannot be.

Everything at its own time. Everything on the time.

What is time?

…and then, all that it is…it’s just gone…and it stays since ever…forever…

What is life?

Life ain’t rational.

…if I came so far…then I can go even further…

Wrong path devours the motivation.

Information is more dangerous than bullets.

Quiet attack wins the wars.

The source of real beauty is in the goodness.

We have good and evil, only that the game can be played.

Stress makes one age… thus, relax, let go and fear nothing!

One has and one has not control over one’s own life… We can argue into eternity if our destiny is in our hands or not… Because it is, but also it is not… Because life is a paradox… Life is only about perception…

One’s life is a projection of one-self.

Thy life is a projection of thy perception. Thy awareness is thy perception.

Our thoughts are materializing us.

What I cannot accept, I (can) change.

Different perception projects different image.

Why we laugh so much to stupid stuff?

Because they are stupid! …but the real question is, what tells this about us?

To think means to know nothing… One must feel to “see”.

Only with enough “distance” one can see the “whole picture”.

The most knowledge is in the feeling.

Everything is physics. Everything is feeling. Everything is in the feeling!

Who can you believe?

You can believe your feeling.

Nothing is for nothing.

In life are no coincidences… Everything has its purpose… Universe is not chaos, but order.

The meaning of life is to be.

The purpose of life is to create.

The request of life is to learn.

The motivation for life is the joy.

The drive for life is the pain.

The game of life is for the Freedom!

For to be out of (mind) construct, on freedom, don’t change the “room”, but leave the “house”!

Fuck the suggestions! Fuck the implemented disordered perception! And make your own mind!

Nothing genius comes out of normal.


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